Friday, February 25, 2011

Denim Skutu

Denim Skutu (skirt tutu)
Here is another Carli’s Closet original, denim skirt tutu. It is made of a denim skirt with a lot of fluffy purple and pink tulle sewn on the bottom. Tutu's are not just for little girls anymore, tweens and teens can have fun wearing a skutu.
We are excited to start making skirt tutu's and will be making more to sale.  You can pick  your own special color of tulle.  Let us know what you think . 
We would love to make a skutu just for you! 

skutu 002   skutu 2 003
skutu pic 002-1  skutu pic 003-1
denim skutu 001 
These are adorable with flip flops or boots.  A skutu is the perfect fashion statement for the rodeo!
Nope, I did not name the skutu, it was already named.