Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Embroidery Thread Storage Tutorial

Embroidery Thread Storage Tutorial


  • Frame of your size and style
  • Peg board cut to fit the frame
  • Dowel rods
  • Glue
  • Paint

Purchase the frame you want to use, or re-purpose another  frame.  
Cut  the peg board to fit the inside  of the frame.  Home Depot or Lowes can cut the peg board for you.  You can buy pegs (dowel rods) already cut to 3 1/2 inches or cut your own using 5/8 inch dowel rods.
Glue the bottom of the pegs and push  into the peg board.  I spaced mine about 2 inches apart, to fit the embroidery thread I use.  
After the glue is dried, paint the peg board and frame.

Glue the peg board to the picture frame, hang on the wall and enjoy your new embroidery thread holder.