Monday, January 20, 2014

This year

It's been a rough year and 5 months, our oldest son, Chanse died in a car wreck just miles from our home. I feel like I am emerging from a cloudy fog, but I tell you that God has carried me and my family thru this hard time.  I am certainly thankful for Gods provision, comfort, faithfulness, love for our family. While I do not agree with Chanse's death, as I have told God (You may as we'll pour your heart out to God cause he knows your thoughts anyway) I do know that God is sovern to his people and nothing takes Him by surprise.

This will be the first garden I have planted with out Chanse.  He used to till it for me, with no shirt and barefooted.  He loved the feel of fresh, cold dirt between his toes I guess. LOL I should have taken a picture of him tilling the ground!  It will be a little heart wrenching but I am looking forward to digging in the dirt and growing a garden this year.  Working in the garden is a therapy I probably should have kept doing! 

We will be planting soon!